Sony Ventures into Tablet Market

The Japanese electronics maker Sony enters the tablet PC market when Apple and Samsung are in patent war all over the world. Sony’s Tablet S is released in the US, UK and Japan,  the Tablet S is in stores in the UK on 15 September, the US on 16 September and in Japan on 17 September.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently the leading Android tablet, the real rival to Apple iPad, tablet PC Galaxy 10.1, which is widely considered the most promising competitor to Apple’s iPad. Apple will not allow it. The two companies lawsuit against each other in many countries. When Samsung is facing legal issues, Sony took this opportunity to enter the tablet market.

sony tablet s | ipad2 |samsung galaxy tab

So what does Sony Tablet S get? How can Sony compete with others in the tablet market? We all know Apple has first mover advantage and its brand appeal has placed it squarely ahead of all others in the tablet market.

Sony tablet S uses Google’s Android system and has a wedge-shaped design. The wedge shape design makes it really stands out from most other thin tablets in the market. Although this unique design has sacrificed the slimness that you can see from iPad or Galaxy Tab, you will find it is more comfortable to hold actually. Also it is typing-friendly, as it gives you a natural gentle incline for typing. Unlike Apple iPad 2, which you may need to make use of a case or cover in order to get a angle that is comfortable for typing.

Other than that, users will be able to play PlayStation games on the device. The potential is huge given Sony’s library of titles–and that potential only gets multiplied if the company were to ever tie in PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 3 games.

In addition, the included Remote Control app lets you control any device with an IR receiver, regardless of its manufacturer. For example, you can train it to control your TV, DVD or Blu-ray player, or cable box.

Sony Ventures into Tablet Market
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