Shekou and Shenzhen

Shekou, in English literally “Snake’s Mouth”, is an area at the tip of Nantou Peninsula, belongs to Nanshan District of Shenzhen city.

Earlier than the setup as the first special economic zone, Shekou used to be a customs station. It was a common fishing village before 1979, poor and desolate.
On 31 January 1979, China Merchants of Hong Kong which, the oldest shipping company in China, had been approved by the Chinese central government to develop and manage Shekou Industrial Zone solely.

Since then, the development of Shekou and Shenzhen became faster than ever before. “Time is money and efficiency is life”, that’s the impression of Shenzhen for almost all Chinese. Up until now, people in Shenzhen can still see that board with the above slogan near the Shekou port, Shekou Ferry around the Shekou Seaworld area.

In August 1979, construction of the Shekou Industrial Zone began and completed at the end of 1981. In April 1987, the China Merchants Group built China Merchants Bank at Shekou, it is the first bank built by enterprise other than the central bank of China since the setup of the People’s Republic of China.

In 1981, the Shekou Ferry Terminal was set up.

You can easily transferred from Shekou to HK Ferry, from Shekou to Macau Ferry ; from HK Ferry Terminal to Shekou, from Macau Ferry Terminal to Shekou, Domestic Zhuhai Line Flight between Zhuhai Ferry and Shekou Ferry . Line flight from and to Macau Taipa Dang Terminal, Hong Kong International Airport are also available. Hong Kong – Shekou – Zhuhai Ferry schedules are posted on their official website. Any one need can download the shekou ferry schedule from its website.

In 1989 the Shekou Container Terminals (SCT port) was set up.

shekou container termial - SCT port

In 1990, the Chiwan Container Terminal (CCT Shenzhen ) was built up, it had a throughput capacity as large as 4,578,000TEUs until the end of 2009.

Shenzhen Chiwan container terminal, Shenzhen CCT, Shekou container terminal

Shekou Ferry Terminal
hong kong to shenzhen ferry
shenzhen ferry
hong kong shekou ferry
hong kong shekou ferry terminal
shekou ferry station
shekou ferry hkia
shekou ferry pier
shekou ferry schedule
hong kong shekou ferry terminal
Shekou to HK Macau Ferry

Port of Shekou
Shekou Port
Shekou to HK Macau Ferry
Shenzhen HK, Zhuhai Ferry Schedule

Shekou and Shenzhen
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  1. May 8, 2011

    […] Shenzhen is now reputedly one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Time is money, efficiency is life. Many people in Shenzhen may have seen this board and sign at Shekou Shenzhen. This board and slogan stands near the Shekou port, Shekou Ferry around the Shekou Seaworld area, see Shekou in Shenzhen . […]

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