Price Control for the People Shenzhen

Shenzhen government implements a series of measures to control the high rise of daily goods like grain, vegetables, fruits and meats. More than 300 trucks with these goods are selling to Shenzhen residents each day at different communities and neighborhood across Shenzhen. See bellow photos:

Price control in shenzhen 2011 and 2012


In the past 2011, the Chinese government firstly worked hard to control the housing price which has brought an apparent decline of housing prices in Shenzhen and other big cities. Similar to the housing price, prices of our daily necessities like food, cooking oil, meat, vegetables, water, electricity have been rising at a rate faster than people’s income here in China. Thus the Chinese government makes the price control of these daily necessities the top priority in 2011 or even 2012.

Price control project trucks in shenzhen 2011 and 2012

Other than supporting the project to sell these daily necessities to residents at cheap price, Chinese government also take other measures such as tightening monetary policy, cracking down on illegal speculation, increasing food supplies and reducing circulation costs.


Thanks to these government measures and manipulation, the inflation has been slowing down in the second half of 2011, the price of daily necessities is stable currently.

Price Control for the People Shenzhen
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