Passport Lost in Shenzhen

B cames to Shenzhen from Guangzhou, and lived in a service apartment in Nanshan. He called me one day that he lost all his belonging one night at Shekou, included passport.  Shekou Seaworld bar street is very well-known especially by foreigners. We went to Seaworld to track any clue he might probably recall, as he was totally drunk that night. We went to the local police office at Huaguo Road to report the lost passport as well. We spent the whole afternoon at Shekou. Unfortunately we didnot get back the most important thing, the passport and bank cards etc. But luckily we got back the lost mobile with all contacts from the D Club at the corner of seaworld bar street, which is at back of Starbucks Coffee Seaworld Shekou, close to the Terrace Shekou.

shekou, Shenzhen

Shekou,  Shenzhen

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Passport Lost in Shenzhen
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  1. November 21, 2010

    […] As to other bars in Shekou, at the Taizi square Shekou, there is Martini’s cocktail bar; at the Seaview square, there is “Sunrise Bar“. There is a bar which is popular however i do not recommend it, because one accident happened to my British friend there this year. I have a post about this : Passport Lost in Shenzhen […]

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