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Please Try Again 0

Please Try Again

Mercy or Fabricated Mercy? It is not a Mercy killing, but a “Mercy” Killer. Read the old Chinese Story here.

Good Liar 0

Good Liar

How to Be a Good Liar? There are many things you need to know. You have to overcome many physical, emotional and mental challenges. But what’s the most important aspect to being a good liar?

Avoid to Entertain Guests 1

Avoid to Entertain Guests

How to be a good host/ hostess? How not to be mocked “Stingy” by your guests? Check the story about Accusations of Stinginess, you will know how.

A Surgeon Not Physician 0

A Surgeon Not Physician

What are the Differences between surgeons and physicians? Surgeons are more likely to be masters and commanders, they have a image of competence, trust, expertise, and compassion;A surgeon is a doctor who performs surgeries. Not all doctors perform surgeries.

Counterplot Tactic 0

Counterplot Tactic

What is countermine or counterplot? To turn somebody’s trick against him; To Trick the Tricker. Read the Story here see how it can be applied in daily life?