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Please Try Again

Mercy or Fabricated Mercy? It is not a Mercy killing, but a “Mercy” Killer. Read the old Chinese Story here.

Good Liar

How to Be a Good Liar? There are many things you need to know. You have to overcome many physical, emotional and mental challenges. But what’s the most important aspect to being a good liar?

Avoid to Entertain Guests

How to be a good host/ hostess? How not to be mocked “Stingy” by your guests? Check the story about Accusations of Stinginess, you will know how.

A Surgeon Not Physician

What are the Differences between surgeons and physicians? Surgeons are more likely to be masters and commanders, they have a image of competence, trust, expertise, and compassion;A surgeon is a doctor who performs surgeries. Not all doctors perform surgeries.

Counterplot Tactic

What is countermine or counterplot? To turn somebody’s trick against him; To Trick the Tricker. Read the Story here see how it can be applied in daily life?

being blind to the facts

learn from the ancient chinese fable, can’t be blind to the facts


misguide army by reducing camp-fire

How to win horse race

how Sun Bin and Tian Ji won the horse race