Miss those times at Shenzhen Ports

Shenzhen Ports

Sometimes I would miss those times at shenzhen container terminals when I see the trucks with containers. It reminds me the container ships, the captains, the engineers, the officers, the Philippin chef, the seamens from india, the immigration officers, the port security etc. But when I asked myself do I like the job, not really I would tell. It is something for memory, never want to go bakc however. The times in Chiwan port,Mawan port,Dockyard, Nanhai Port(Guangzhou), etc might not be all happy times, but experience nearly always valuable. It does not matter whether it is success or failure, if it brings happiness or sadness.

Miss those times at Shenzhen Ports
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  1. joseina says:

    History can easily be remembered for its good aspect, because people tends to recall the good old days and ignore the happiness of today.

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