MingHua Ship in Sea World Shenzhen

Sea World is a famous place in Shekou, even Shenzhen. Not only because of the international bar street, but the big Minghua Ship. The Minghua Ship was named ANCEEVILLA before. On August 7, 1962, the Minghua boat first launched in French as luxury passenger yacht. The French President de Gaulle attended the opening ceremony of lunching Minghua Ship that day.

In 1973, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO in short) bought ANCEEVILLA from French in Malta and changed its name from ANCEEVILLA to Minghua.

In 1983, Shekou Industrial Zone signed the agreement of transfer of the Minghua Ship with COSCO at the price of 3 million. Shekou Industrial Zone Co.,Ltd belongs to China Merchants who first developed the Shekou. Until today, a large area of Shekou belongs to the China Merchants.

Minghua ship Shekou Shenzhen

The Minghua Ship has 9 floors, 263 guests rooms, the biggest dining hall at the boat can hold 500 people at the same time. It has 2 swimming pools, 2 bars and more than 200 beds. However the Minghua Ship might have been remodeled, extra facilities might have been equipped.

Additional info about Shenzhen Sea world

Sea World Shenzhen comprises the Minghua yacht and the Sea World Plaza. Minghua yacht runs hotels, theme bars and restaurants from all over the world. Sea world plaza adopted the style of European plaza design and provides enclosed spacious room for socializing, entertaining and relaxing. The whole plaza consists of different restaurants of different flavors and bars from all over the world. There are music, dance, food, culture and art crafts from different regions all over the world in Shenzhen Sea World.

MingHua Ship in Sea World Shenzhen
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  1. Heinz Albers says:

    I’ve seen the former ship “Ancevilla” 1964 in the harbour from Las Palmas (Canary Islands). See the photo:
    A pretty ship!

    Best regards

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