Chinese Poetry and its Translation

Poetry translation is difficult and it is especially true in the Chinese poetry translation. “Poetry is a super art of language. Poetry is what gets lost in translation. ” A well-known statement made by Robert Frost.



寒蝉凄切,对长亭晚,骤雨初歇。都门帐饮无绪, 留恋处,兰舟催发。执手相看泪眼,竟无语凝噎。念去去、千里烟波,暮霭沉沉楚天阔。
多情自古伤离别,更那堪、冷落清秋节。今宵酒醒何处, 杨柳岸、晓风残月。此去经年,应是良辰好景虚设。便纵有千种风情,更与何人说。

Chinese Poetry and its Translation
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