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Shenzhen Hotel Guide

Shenzhen Hotel Guide – Cheap & Luxury Hotels. Shenzhen boasts more than 270 hotels, with around 152 hotels are star-rated. The city has the third largest number of star-rated hotels among all large and medium-sized cities around China mainland.

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Hilton Hotel Opens in Shekou Shenzhen

Hilton Hotel Opens in Shekou Shenzhen. Check out this review see what is new with this Hilton hotel in Shenzhen and how to get there.

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Cruise Inn Hotel Shekou

Cruise Inn Hotel Shekou The Cruise Inn Hotel is located in the middle of Sea World , right besides the Shekou Square. Cruise Inn Hotel is inside the Minghua cruise ship. This is an...

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Agents Not Being Honest Shenzhen

Agents Not Being Honest Shenzhen I was looking for a new apartment in Shenzhen. The current apartment is a bit small. I firstly searched online, and find some of the housing agents have good...

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Shenzhen Budget Hotels Directory-Vienna Hotel

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